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“Educational and Cutural” Bridges NGO organizes and implements youth exchanges, conferences, trainings, seminars, study sessions, academic visits, educational programs; promotes scientific meetings, round-tables, seminars and lectures on various topics.

Impress Daruvar

The Association for the Promotion of Positive Affirmation of Youth in Society "Impress Daruvar" is a non-profit association of citizens founded in 2010. The purpose of engaging volunteers in the Association is to promote a healthy lifestyle, to contribute to a more creative and better mature youth, to learn young people with a number of skills that will enable them to enjoy a more comfortable and better co-existence in society. Our goal is to improve the quality of life through organizing creative workshops, forums, entertainment, sports, humanitarian and social events, seminars and conferences.


Education, Research, Collaboration, Participation ( E.R.C.P.) association was founded at the end of 2009. The aim of the association is to empower young people through open youth work and non-formal learning, to raise the role of young generation in the sustainable development.


Youth Association DRONI is a non-governmental organization with the mission to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, educated and perfect society. In order to meet this task the association has been implementing the educational and youth development programs. The organisation aims are to support the young people’s physical, spiritual and educational development and to develop educational initiatives in the field of civil society, conflict resolution, human rights and peace-building, to promote intercultural relations in Georgian society or Youth

Hellenic Youth Participation

HYP is a non-governmental education and empowerment organization based in Athens with a central focus on young people. Our actions focus on the personal and professional development and activation of youth through experiential, diversified and non-formal activities at local, national and international level. We organize youth exchanges, educational programs, EVS, practices abroad, educational excursions, seminars, groups and actions in the city. Our team consists of young and young people with European experience who want to offer their experience and know-how to young people residing in Greece. We are a dynamic team that remains open to new ideas.


The association ASAP Europe has been created by a group of young people aged 18 – 35 living in the region of Puglia, Italy, who have participated, facilitated and organized several European activities in the youth field. ASAP’s main aim is to foster youth participation of young people in civil society, to bring social change, development and improvement of the community, using different tools and mainly focused in the youth field. The main objective of our association is to promote international mobility of young people through training courses, seminars and cultural exchanges abroad.


Experimentáculo Cultural Association is a private, non-profit, youth association with activities in the fields of culture, arts and entertainment, such as concerts, film series, short film production, exhibitions, disc distribution, etc. Through culture we seek to unite and stimulate generations and classes. It was founded in 2006, in the city of Setúbal.


Vinnytsia Regional Center for Information “KREATIV”- non-governmental organisation, founded in 2007. Our Mission is to encourage development of civil society. We share European values: supremacy of law, human rights, tolerance, freedom, democracy, equality, human dignity. Our motto: Let's Get Creative! “KREATIV” has professional experts from various fields of public activity, cooperates fruitfully with NGOs, educational institutions, international organizations and foundations.